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Tips for Applying Makeup with Glasses

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Makeup is a great way to enhance our looks and make us feel more confident. However, if you wear glasses, you may find it hard to apply makeup in a way that complements your frames and doesn’t smear on the lenses. Applying makeup with glasses requires a bit of technique and attention to detail.

Here are some tips for applying makeup with glasses:

1. Use a Primer: Start by using a primer to create a smooth base for your foundation. This will help to prevent your makeup from creasing or smudging on your glasses.

2. Fill in Your Brows: Your glasses frame your eyes, and filling in your brows can help to define them and create balance. Use a brow pencil or powder to fill in sparse areas.

3. Choose Your Eyeshadow Wisely: When selecting your eyeshadows, avoid light colors that may reflect on your glasses. Instead, opt for matte or slightly shimmery shades that will enhance your eyes without causing any reflection on your glasses.

4. Define Your Eyes with Eyeliner: Eyeliner can help to define your eyes and create a bold look. Apply a thin line to your upper lash line and smudge it slightly for a smoky effect. Avoid applying liner on your lower lash line, as it can create a smudged appearance on your glasses.

5. Apply Mascara Carefully: Mascara is great for making your eyes appear larger and more awake. However, it can also create smudges on your glasses. Apply mascara carefully and avoid using too much product.

6. Choose Lipstick that Complements Your Frames: Your glasses draw attention to your face, and selecting a lipstick that complements your frames can enhance your overall look. If you have bold and colorful frames, opt for a neutral shade of lipstick. Alternatively, if your frames are more neutral, you can choose a bold lip color to make a statement.

7. Set Your Makeup with Powder: Once you have applied your makeup, be sure to set it with a powder. This will help to keep your makeup in place and prevent it from smudging on your glasses.

8. Use Micellar Water to Clean the Lenses: Glasses can become dirty easily, and this can cause your makeup to smudge and smear on them. Use micellar water to clean your lenses regularly, and remove any makeup residue that may be on them.

In conclusion, applying makeup with glasses may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of practice and the right techniques, you can create a beautiful and complementing look that won’t smear on your lenses. Follow these tips, experiment with different techniques, and have fun with your makeup!

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